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“You really have a rich, beautiful voice that carries some lovely melodies. I can tell you have a lot of training and experience as well as, of course, natural talent. :)” – terasinas, via YouTube

“Beautiful, the video and the singing, gave me goose bumps. I stumbled across (your) YouTube video when I was looking up the lyrics for “Home Sweet Home” – am so glad I found it.” – Alison Schepers, via YouTube

“THANK YOU, KRISTINA FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOVING AND LYRICALLY CORRECT recorded version of “Faded Coat of Blue:, written by my great-great-great Grandfather, John Hugh McNaughton. Absolutely wonderful! You have the voice of an Angel! You are so talented, you have one of the purest voices I have heard in ages…goodbye, Celine. 😉 And it is obvious that you ‘know’ your own voice…you have the ability to select music that suits you, impeccably…a quality that is underrated, yet so vital! Love listening to your music!” – Colleen E., via YouTube

“I have received many positive comments regarding last year’s annual American Legion Memorial Day Ceremony in Clarkston, Michigan. The comments indicated that those who attended felt this particular program was ‘among the best’. It was told to me that this feeling was not a result of being ‘entertained’ but rather of being a witness to a program that instilled a sense of pride, humility, and gratitude for our fallen Veterans and for all persons who have served in our Armed Forces. Kristina’s contribution and participation were a memorable part of that event.” – Barney Schoenfeld, Adjutant, American Legion Campbell – Richmond Post 63

“I was so impressed by the detail, organization, professionalism, and prestige surrounding (the Mrs. Michigan United States) event. It was on a par with some of the best productions I’ve ever been involved in as a Producer for The University of Michigan and WDIV-TV. Bravo, Kristina!” – Gerry Zonca, Emmy-nominated Producer

“Kristina performed haunting and beautiful renditions of Civil War-era songs at the General Custer 170th birthday celebration held in the general’s adopted hometown of Monroe, Michigan in 2009. When Kristina sang ‘Michigan, My Michigan’, I fondly recall how she brought a tear to the eye of the gentleman from Ohio who was seated next to me. An avid historian, Kristina shared the stories behind each song. I was very satisfied with her performance — as was everyone in attendance — and would highly recommend booking her for your event.” – Karin Risko, Director, Hometown History Tours

“Home Sweet Home—utterly fantastic. Kristina–your rendition of this song touched me deeply. I don’t know what else to say except to give you the ultimate compliment—your voice touched my heart. Thank you.” – Kim McKinney, President, Lorio-Ross Sterling Entertainment

“On behalf of this year’s Salute to Service committee, I would like to express our deep appreciation for your participation in this important event. We had a number of people comment that this has been the best Salute to Service event ever, with a truly inspiring program and record numbers for attendance.” – Michael Ager, Resource and Facility Manager, Canton Charter Township

“After watching the DVD for the first time, I wanted to thank you again for your beautiful performance. It was amazing!” – Jeannette Greco Pawlowski, Executive Director and Producer, Miss Michigan Lady of the Lakes Scholarship Program

“Kristina not only has the talent but the pride and heart for the history of this country and the passion for her Civil War connection to make (her Civil War music) CD not just enjoyable, but moving and inspiring.” – Mike Gillett, Civil War Living Historian, Chaplain; Ft. Wayne Battalion, Sons of Union Veterans

“Kristina supports the soldiers 100%, plus some! She is great for morale and support of the Second Infantry Division in Korea. Thank you for your support and dedication!” – LTC Robert M. Jorgensen, Camp Mobile, USFK, South Korea

“Kristina has an absolutely beautiful voice. We admire her patriotism, her genuine love for history, and her efforts to honor our nation’s veterans. Her music is very popular in the Civil War re-enacting community. We consider her our own ‘Miss Tina’.” – David Spivey, Robert E. Lee Society, 50th North Carolina Infantry Re-enactors, Sanford, North Carolina

“We are a Gavin reporting station and do not play a lot of independent product, but Kristina has major label talent … exceptional … her vocals and delivery are wonderful.” – FM Radio Station Music Director in Texas

“Kristina gave a rousing acapella performance of the National Anthem to kick off the Michigan Vet Fest benefit concert and stayed and signed autographs, much to the delight of the crowd. A professional in every sense of the word.” – Russ Barnett, Michigan Veterans’ Festival founder

“Kristina participated in our Memorial Day event and her voice was truly angelic. Her passion for the songs she sang made me proud to be an American and brought tears to my eyes as well as touching the hearts of our audience.” – Pauline Yiannakis, Knollwood Memorial Park, Canton, Michigan

“Very outstanding, motivational! Keeps spirits rising in the Second-To-None Division. Drive on!” – SPC David Fruge, Camp Casey, USFK, South Korea

“One of the premier party bands in the Midwest!” – 107.7 FM The Bay, Alpena, Michigan

“This band will get you dancing!” – 107.7 FM The Bay, Alpena, Michigan

“Can anyone say HOT?!?! Well, I think that definitely describes Kristina both musically and appearance wise. Looking forward to her making it.” – Paul,

“Just got your CD. Wow … I put it on the old Kenwood and gave the volume a crank. Now that’s some clean, straight-punchin’ rock and roll! You and your band have a great sound!” – John Chanik, Renton, Washington

Michigan’s Kristina Austin is a singer-songwriter who delivers cheery folk-rock with catchy choruses and occasionally big guitars. An obvious love of the sisters Wilson sees her prowling about as a ‘Devil in Disguise.'” – Jon P.,

“They play for the people with care. Some bands just play … they play with HEART … and for US.” – PFC Shane Rodgers, Camp Kyle, South Korea

“This band has an outstanding sound and career in front of them. They definitely deserve any award (or) recognition they can get upon completion of their tour in U.S.F.K.” – SPC Brian S. Laughery, Camp Mobile, South Korea

“Very outstanding, motivational! Keeps spirits rising in the Second-To-None Division. Drive on!” – SPC David Fruge, Camp Casey, South Korea

“This is a great band. We want them back in the CG’s mess tomorrow! Everybody is happy!” – HQS CMDT Tracy G. Bryant, Camp Red Cloud, South Korea

“I had a great time! Those who were not here (out on field maneuvers) missed a lot of good music. Kristina and her band entertained … were good with the crowd … I would go and PAY to see them again!” – LTC Paul A. Loveless, Camp Hovey, South Korea

“Bring them back again!!!” – Yoh Chang Yi, Camp Hovey, South Korea

“For soldiers in the R.O.K., shows are our only means of entertainment, and this band obviously raised troop morale in the most forward-displayed unit in the Army.” – SSG Christopher A. Harris, Camp Giant, South Korea

“Excellent band. Everyone enjoyed their show. Would recommend more shows; should endorse before others.” – SSG Charles I. Woolfolk, Camp Boniface, South Korea

“Very good performance. The best band we’ve had in the last seven months! Recommend they return.” – MWR Officer Charles A. Cunningham, Camp Eagle, South Korea

“The band was very good. They knew how to turn on the crowd.” – BTR Teryl R. Bos, Camp Pelham, South Korea

“Kristina and her band did an outstanding job; both with their music and the professionalism they displayed.” – SFC C.D. Sisney, Camp Red Cloud, South Korea

“The band was excellent in their performance and is highly recommended for repeat performances.” – SPC Brandon Rhodes, Camp Stanley, South Korea

“Kristina and her band were excellent and the soldiers enjoy the music.” – Chae Yong Chong, Camp Pelham, South Korea

“They were great! They need to come back.” – SFC Jeanne E. Hammond, Camp Nimble, South Korea

“The band played well. Military personnel on Camp Stanley wish to see them again.” – LT W. White, Camp Stanley, South Korea

“Great band! Come back anytime; a lot of our people like country!” – CN2 D5-17 CAV John C. Meyers, Camp Stanton, South Korea

“Very good … GREAT!” – SGT John P. Murray, Camp Edwards, South Korea

“The band is very good.” – ISG Olan A. Timmons, Camp Castle, South Korea

“Excellent music!” – SFC Kan Joannes, Camp La Guardia, South Korea