Music to Love – “Gettysburg” by the Brandos

Check out this 1987 release from the Brandos titled, “Gettysburg”. I LOVE this song!

David Kincaid, lead singer and guitarist of the Brandos and the song’s co-writer, visited Gettysburg as a young man and discovered that his ancestor, James McCormack Kincaid of the 63rd Pennsylvania, fought and died there. He was so moved that he says this song nearly wrote itself on the spot.

Today, David Kincaid is an active Civil War reenactor and records and performs Civil War-era music, particularly anthems cherished by his Irish ancestors. I recently discovered a series of his performances on the 2001 DVD collection “Civil War Minutes” … he is fabulous. A visit to his website is a must.

I have to tell you, this song takes me right back to my first ever walk through that haunted field this past July. And, most definitely … I saw the years stripped away.

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