Detroit’s Historic Fort Wayne Needs Your Vote to Receive a National Trust for Historic Places Grant

Historic Fort Wayne Coalition Vice-Chairman Bob Hovansian has entered Historic Fort Wayne into a National Trust for Historic Places Grant Community Challenge worth $25,000. The money is being petitioned for the rehabilitation of the 1905 Post Headquarters building.

Through Mr. Hovansian’s tireless efforts, the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition has made it past three phases of the Community Challenge. The effort of the $25,000 is to repair the wood floors from past years water pipe bursts, replace the current boiler system and paint the interior and exterior of the building, all of which will make the building much more usable and attractive for organizations and businesses alike.

The winner of the Community Challenge is based on the votes that an organization receives on the National Trust for Historic Places website!

Here are the instructions:

1) Go the National Trust for Historic Places website by clicking here.

2) Find the icon in the state of Michigan labeled “Fort Wayne Headquarters Building”.

3) Click on the link “View webpage” right below “Historic Fort Wayne Coalition”.

4) At the top right-hand corner of the “Fort Wayne Headquarters” page, submit your first name, last name, email address and zip code to vote for Fort Wayne.

Get on there and do your part for Fort Wayne!

Historic Fort Wayne Detroit

Detroit’s Historic Fort Wayne, photographed on July 7, 2012 during Civil War Days.

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