“Born Killers: The Iron Brigade” Tomorrow on the History Channel

“Born Killers: The Iron Brigade” will be presented on the History Channel tomorrow, March 1, 2011 at 7 a.m. EST as part of its Civil War Journal series. Don’t miss it!

Iron Brigade Reenactors at 145th Gettysburg

Iron Brigade reenactors photographed during the Battle of Gettysburg 145th anniversary reenactment on July 4, 2008.

3 Responses to ““Born Killers: The Iron Brigade” Tomorrow on the History Channel

  • 1) Did you ever actually see “Born Killers” on History Channel? Every time I saw it listed, they showed a different episode. I have not found it for sale either.

    (2) I love especially your rendition of “Two Brothers” but cannot find the “Daughter of the 24th Michigan” CD at any of the links – at best just a single cut. I would like the entire CD.

    I wrote in to the blog once before. I’m a “nephew of the 24th MI” (John Ryder, Co. C, KIA Gettysburg 7/1) and also of the 1st MI Cav (Alfred Ryder, Co. H, MWIA, Hunterstown 7/2). Both grew up on the family farm which was at Plymouth Road and LeVan Roads.

    • Hi Ron, it seems that the “Born Killers” episode never airs in the Detroit market even though our cable schedule lists it, but it airs elsewhere. I have a copy of the episode on DVD, which was sent to me by a friend who watched it as scheduled in New York state.

      This fall, I began a process of moving my entire music catalog to a new distributor but this has been delayed. I’m not sure exactly when that will happen but if you subscribe to my blog feed, you’ll be among the first to know! New music will be downloadable from iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Nimbit as well as on this website as soon as its available.

      Thanks for your interest in my music.

  • Wow, you responded quickly, and somehow I missed it.

    A new e-mail address, a new home, and I’m finally picking up on this thread. I must have mis-fired signing up for you blog . . .so I just tried again.

    I’d love to see “Born Killers,” get your CD with “Two Brothers.”

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