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Delicious Healthy Eating – Basil and Pine Nut Pasta

If you’re anything like me, the holidays have left you with more gifts than you bargained for – as in, a few extra pounds. I admit it, the holidays are the one time of year when I allow myself to indulge in my favorite guilty pleasures like sugar cookies, cheese and crackers, etc. So, when
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The Blue Lady – The Ghost of Canton, Michigan’s Denton Road Bridge

In the spirit of Halloween, I offer up the generations-old legend of The Blue Lady – the Ghost of Canton, Michigan’s Denton Road Bridge. Enjoy and Happy Halloween! For as long as anyone can remember, residents of Canton, Michigan and neighboring communities have grown up with the story of the historical, wooden one-lane bridge over
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Our Michigan Dock Diving Adventure

Our one-year-old Labrador Retriever, Finnlee, had her first swim lessons this past spring at Sit, Stay, Swim in Garden City, Michigan and was already doing a perfect water retrieve at her second session. She then spent the summer at the lake perfecting her technique and becoming a remarkably strong swimmer. Finnlee is truly a natural
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Cherry Hill House – Focal Point of Canton, Michigan

Throughout most of its history, Canton Township, Michigan was primarily forests and farm land. The area’s earliest European settlers established two small crossroads villages in the township: Sheldon Corners and Cherry Hill. Cherry Hill, settled in 1825, was originally known as Ridge because it developed at a curve in a ridge that was once the
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Cantaloupe, Fig, and Gorgonzola Salad

Ah, summer! I love this time of year, when a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables becomes bountiful. During a grocery shopping trip to my local Holiday Market today, I was thrilled to find a selection of fresh Black Mission figs in the produce section. I knew I had to come up with a way
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London, England Wall Calendar Now Available

I’m happy to announce the addition of a new product to my collection of fine art photography wall calendars: London, England. It’s available now in my Cafepress store, just in time for Christmas!

Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald

Today is the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior (November 10, 1975), a tragic event that will forever be etched in Michigan’s memory. Four decades after its demise, the Edmund Fitzgerald continues to capture our imaginations and evoke such intense emotion that even seemingly the most typical family
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The Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist

After spending the 1990s pursuing a career in country music with my band Northern Lights, I decided to change my musical focus to include pop and rock. In 2001, I started the MissUnderstood Band (later the Kristina Austin Band). For the next several years, until I won the Mrs. Michigan United States Pageant in 2006,
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Michigan Tomatoes and How to Enjoy Them (Part Two – Michigan Tomato Salsa Fresca)

After spending a perfectly beautiful summer Sunday morning at the Canton Farmers’ Market, my husband and I came home loaded down with a case of locally grown tomatoes and a ton of kitchen inspiration. The first thing Jason asked me to make with our bounty was my homemade salsa fresca (also known as pico de
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Michigan Tomatoes and How to Enjoy Them (Part One – Michigan Tomato Sandwich)

It’s Michigan tomato season once again and I can’t help but feel excited over this year’s bumper crop of beauties, especially after last summer’s attack of late blight. And after suffering through colorless and tasteless store-bought tomatoes most of the year, it’s especially blissful when locally grown produce hits the stands and my husband and
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